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When it comes to selecting the best charging station for your EV, you've got options. Whether you need at-home, at-work, or on-the-road charging, there's a charger that's just the right fit for your needs. Let us help you find it!

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Charging at Home

Home sweet home has its benefits. Install a charging station in an easy-to-access spot (like your garage or carport) for a convenient, low-cost way to charge your EV at home. Most EV owners choose to charge overnight when electricity is cheapest and they're sound asleep.


A Level 1 at-home charging station doesn't require any special equipment - just a regular wall outlet will do. Want to upgrade to Level 2? Installation is easy!

Low Cost

Residential electricity is relatively cheap and stable, so you can get an all-electric vehicle with a 100-mile range from empty to full charge for the same price as running an air conditioner for about 6 Hours.*


Keep your EV charged without worrying about the availability of existing charging networks, memberships or different connectors.

Save money by planning your charging while you sleep, when electricity prices are low. During the day, prices are slightly higher. Your energy supplier can give you more details about specific times and programs in your area to help you save.

Right Time, Right Place

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Home Charging Options

Level 1 and Level 2 chargers are suitable for charging at home. We can help you determine which is a better fit for you!

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Charging at Work

Most people spend at least 8 hours a day at work - so why not take advantage of that time? Charging stations are a great way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a nice perk for employees. Plus, they're relatively simple and inexpensive to install.

Range Security

The best way to alleviate "range anxiety" is to avoid depleting your EV's battery. Charging during work hours is a convenient way to keep a full charge - and your peace of mind.

Reduced Cost

Many workplace charging programs are free for employees, but some do require a fee. Check with your company's policy to learn more.

Fast Charge

Most workplace charging programs use Level 2 chargers, which can get most fully electric vehicles from empty to fully charged in less than a typical 8-hour workday.

Charging on the Road

There are already thousands of public charging stations across the United States, and the number keeps growing every week. Many public charging station are free, and others are pay-to-use.

Memberships & Perks

Charging membership programs offer EV drivers discounted fees at charging stations across the United States, plus many additional benefits.

Convenient Locations

Charging stations are popping up all over, and many gas stations now come equipped with a few EV charging stations as well.


Unlike pumping gas, using a charging station is clean and doesn't come with harsh fumes or chemicals.

Public Charger Options

Almost all public charging stations use Level 2 chargers, and often have multiple connector types so they can charge multiple EVs. For even faster charging, look for DC Fast-Charging stations.

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